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DNA Double Helix

Who do we think we were? Insights from ancient Irish Genomes

Professor Dan Bradley will explain how human genetics can be used to understand better the patterns and processes underlying genetic variations which exist on our island. Ancient DNA is now an archaeological tool, enabling genetic postcoding of discoveries of human remains and is helping to rewrite the history of Europeans. Our first sequencing of ancient genomes from the British Isles were of samples from the North East of Ireland at Ballynahatty Co. Down, and Rathlin Island. These showed that the great waves of people movements in Northern Europe washed all the way to our island. More recently, results from Newgrange were certainly not what we were expecting.

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The Garden Birds of Ireland

This lecture will place a strong emphasis on the identification of common garden birds. They should be cherished as garden visitors so Niall Hatch, from BirdWatch Ireland, will offer suggestions on how to attract different species to your garden and offer advice on the foods that best suit them. He will also hope to interest people to take part in BirdWatch Ireland’s annual Irish Garden Bird Survey. This is a very important exercise and helps BirdWatch Ireland keep track of the fortunes of our bird population.

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Brain Waves

Gene Therapy Approaches to Treat Disrupted Brain Waves – How Worms Could Hold The Key

Part of the IBIOLI 2019/20 Activity Series. This lecture will outline how we aim to develop a gene therapy method to stop brain tumour related seizures. This approach will use an inhibitory ion channel, found in helminths (worms), that is activated when it detects increases in the neurotransmitter glutamate. We anticipate that this novel approach will stop abnormal brain wave activity that occurs during a seizure.

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Evolution of the Earth’s Atmosphere as Revealed by Plant Fossil Records

This lecture event has been RESCHEDULED: Human carbon use during the next century will lead to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations (pCO2) that have been unprecedented for the past 50-100+ million years according to fossil plant-based CO2 estimates. The paleobotanical record of plants offers key insights into vegetation responses to past global change, including suitable analogs for Earth’s climatic future.

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Planet Earth

The Allergic Planet

Globally, more than 250 million people suffer from a food allergy with more than 17 million people suffering from food allergies in Europe alone. Food allergy cases have risen by up to 50% in the past decade, with a 700% rise in hospitalisations due to anaphylaxis.

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Flowering Meadow

Guided Tour of The Evolution of Land Plants Garden

The evolutionary garden is designed to take you on a walk through evolutionary time and charts the development and turnover of plant species across temporal boundaries. This unique outdoor classroom is used to teach plant evolution to UCD students and visitors alike.

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Dublin Zoo Entrance

Animal Care in Dublin Zoo – My journey as a Zoo Keeper

The Institute of Biology of Ireland, as part of the 2017/18 Activity Series, invites its members, families, friends and the general public to attend this lecture, “Animal Care in Dublin Zoo – My journey as a Zoo Keeper “, presented by Brendan Walsh, Zoo Keeper, Dublin Zoo. Attendance at the lecture is free to all.

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