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Training Activity 1: 27 Years of Biology Today 'as Gaeilge'
Shoots and Leaves
Bioenergy, and Why Biofuels for Transport Are Nonsense!
Training Activity 2: 27 Years of Biology Today 'as Gaeilge'
Dentistry in the Molecular Age - Success from Biology
The Biology of Cancer
Symposium 2012: Biology for Today - Biotechnology for Life
Current and Future Trends in Agricultural Food Production
Symposium 2013: Biology for Today - Biotechnology for Life
Obesity and the Immune System - Murmurations on a Theme
Workshop: The Production and Application of Antibodies and their use in Biosensors and Arrays
60 Years of DNA. What Next?
What Can Bats Teach People About Health, Wealth, and Long Life?
Glasnevin Cemetery & Museum, & National Botanic Gardens - Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Environmental & Field Biology Course - Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Guided Tour of Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens - Golden Jubilee Celebrations
'August at the Lough' - Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Theories, Facts, and Mind Games - Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Guided Tour of Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens
Bealtaine Birds Dawn Chorus Walk
The 'Bloomin' Burren - Flowers of the National Park
The Natural History Museum & Dead Zoo
The Great Saltee Island Bird Sanctuary
Rocky Seashore Walk
Glasnevin Cemetery & Museum, & National Botanic Gardens
Molecular Evolution and Adaptation: Birds, Bears, Bowhead Whales & Beyond!
The Value of Pollinators
Canine Genetics - How Man's Best Friend Helps in the Study of Human Disease
The Cancer Epidemic; Food, Pharma, and Our Future
Birr Castle, & Lough Boora Discovery Park
Human Genetic Differences; Unravelling Which Ones Matter
In Search of Sanctuary!
Biotechnology and Creativity - Reflections on Multidisciplinary Degrees
Guided Tour of Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens
Tackling ‘The Emperor of all Maladies’; Cancer, a Journey of Discovery from Bench to Clinic
Animal Care in Dublin Zoo - My journey as a Zoo Keeper
Guided Tour of The Evolution of Land Plants Garden
The Allergic Planet
Evolution of the Earth's Atmosphere as Revealed by Plant Fossil Records
Gene Therapy Approaches to Treat Disrupted Brain Waves - How Worms Could Hold The Key
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Oceans, Seas, and Marine Resources - Towards Sustainable Development Goal 14
The Garden Birds of Ireland
Who do we think we were? Insights from ancient Irish Genomes
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Professor Dan Bradley will explain how human genetics can be used to understand better the patterns and processes underlying genetic variations which exist on our island. Ancient DNA is now an archaeological tool, enabling genetic...
This lecture will place a strong emphasis on the identification of common garden birds. They should be cherished as garden visitors so Niall Hatch, from BirdWatch Ireland, will offer suggestions on how to attract different...
The Institute of Biology of Ireland, as part of the 2019/20 Activity Series, invites its members, the general public, families and friends to a free lecture at National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9. The lecture...
Part of the IBIOLI 2019/20 Activity Series. This lecture will outline how we aim to develop a gene therapy method to stop brain tumour related seizures. This approach will use an inhibitory ion channel, found...
This lecture event has been RESCHEDULED: Human carbon use during the next century will lead to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations (pCO2) that have been unprecedented for the past 50-100+ million years according to fossil plant-based...
Globally, more than 250 million people suffer from a food allergy with more than 17 million people suffering from food allergies in Europe alone. Food allergy cases have risen by up to 50% in the...
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Biology is the most powerful technology ever created. DNA is software, protein are hardware, cells are factories.

- Arvind Gupta

The study of butterflies—creatures selected as the types of airiness and frivolity—instead of being despised, will some day be valued as one of the most important branches of Biological science.

- H. W. Bate

Biology is the study of complicated things that have the appearance of having been designed with a purpose.

- Richard Dawkins

Evolution is cleverer than you are.

- Francis Crick

No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.

- Albert Einstein

In biology, nothing is clear, everything is too complicated, everything is a mess, and just when you think you understand something, you peel off a layer and find deeper complications beneath. Nature is anything but simple.

- Richard Preston

Nothing in Biology makes sense, except in the light of evolution.

- Theodosius Dobzhansky