Lecture Report: In Search of Sanctuary!

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Irish Seals on the seashore

Report written by Frank McGourty, IBIOLI Secretary

Irish Seals in search of sanctuary

Report on LectureIn Search of Sanctuary! Is it in the biologist's contract to inform and lead public policy and law towards environmental sustainability?, that was presented by, Brendan Price on November 18th 2016.

Brendan Price, the founder of the Irish Seal Sanctuary, and marine and wildlife advocate, stimulated the audience with his obvious commitment to the role of biologists in promoting environmental sustainability. He enthused everyone present as he presented photographic evidence of his personal engagement with the range of focal points where Sanctuary was the theme.

Brendan argued the importance of Biology as the "mother ship" of the softer sciences and as such of its very important role, and that of Biologists, in guiding our relations with the natural world. Biologists have responsibility, he challenged, to engage, inform and lead the public on policy and law in these relations with a view towards ensuring that human society operates within safe, just and sustainable ecological limits.

Brendan Price, Founder of the Irish Seal Sanctuary

He illustrated his lecture with copious examples and stories from the worlds of mega-fauna; it was abundantly clear from his lecture that he wished to engage with citizen science and society in general, including the science community, to raise a greater awareness and engagement with issues of environmental concern. He successfully engaged the audience and generated high levels of interaction with them.

About Brendan Price:

Brendan Price, Founder of the Irish Seal Sanctuary, B.Ag.Sc., EuroProBiol, offers a Wildlife Advocacy and Consultancy Service. Wherever Wildlife and Human activity are to be found together, there you will find conflict. Brendan has been at the Frontline of such Conflict, at home and abroad, for a Lifetime and is in a Unique Position to advise and assist responsible Individuals, Communities, Organisations and Corporations in Conflict Facilitation and Wildlife accommodation. For further information on Brendan Price’s career and testimonials, visit him at www.brendanprice.com.