About Us

Painted Lady

Welcome to the Institute of Biology of Ireland

The professional body for biologists in Ireland!


  • Endorses professional competence & maintains a register of professional biologists, including lecturers, biology teachers and researchers
  • Awards full members the title of M.I.Biol.I. - a nationally recognised standard.
  • Advises the government through representation on statutory bodies
  • Communicates and interacts with the public on biological topics
  • Supports and sponsors national meetings of biological interest
  • A gateway to contacts in Ireland, Europe and internationally
  • Has made significant contributions in second and third-level education
  • Current members include professional biologists in universities, institutes of technology , schools, government departments, hospitals, semi-state bodies and industry
  • As a freshly rejuvenated body we are interested in your views, opinions and directions you think the institute should take so come on in!

Objectives of the Institute are:

  • To represent and promote the professional interests of biologists.
  • To advise government and the public in general on biological matters having implications for society.
  • To ensure professional competence of biologists.
  • To facilitate contacts between biologists in Ireland, within the European Union and internationally.
  • To promote interest in, and an understanding of biology and its application and implications for modern society through education and research.
  • To attract and encourage entrants to the profession of biology.
  • To provide support and expertise to biology teachers through an Expert Panel