November 2016

Leaving Certificate Biology: IBIOLI Gold Medal Winners, 2016

Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/20/2016 - 11:12
Friday night, November 18th 2016, marked The Institute of Biology of Ireland's annual awards to the highest performing students in this year’s Leaving Certificate Biology examination. This activity is just one of the many engaged in by the Institute ( to disseminate and encourage interest in Biology at all levels in Ireland.

Lecture Report: In Search of Sanctuary!

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Report on Lecture, "In Search of Sanctuary! Is it in the biologist's contract to inform and lead public policy and law towards environmental sustainability?", Brendan Price, the founder of the Irish Seal Sanctuary, and marine and wildlife advocate, stimulated the audience with his obvious commitment to the role of biologists in promoting environmental sustainability. He enthused everyone present as he presented photographic evidence of his personal engagement with the range of focal points where Sanctuary was the theme.