Symposium 2012: Biology for Today - Biotechnology for Life

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University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Limerick

The IBIOLI in conjunction with the NCE-MSTL, host the Biology for Today: Biotechnology for Life Symposium, on 19th January 2012, at the University of Limerick.

The aim of the symposium, from 10am until 1:15pm, is to help second-level biology students with difficult concepts from the biology syllabus while also giving them added information beyond the scope of the syllabus. The talks are anchored in the Leaving Certificate syllabus and aim to enrich students’ knowledge of the course as well as engage and provide them with information of up to date research in various biological topics.

Key Speakers and Topics:

Dr Paul O’ Toole - UCC  Molecular Genetics and Genomics – Harnessing the power of DNA technology

Dr Pat Kiely – UL  Biology of Cancer

Dr Audrey O’ Grady – UL  Ecology Uncovered: What do ecologists do?

Dr Sean Fair - UL The Use of Reproductive Biotechnologies in Human and Animal Fertility


Fee: €5 per student University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Limerick

For further information, please contact:

Helen Fitzgerald on 061234786  email: 

or Alison Cullinane on 061234916  email:

Speaker Information:

Dr. Paul O’ Toole - UCC: Molecular Genetics and Genomics – Harnessing the power of DNA technology It is now over 10 years since scientists sequenced the human genome, and this period has seen a quiet revolution in how many biological questions are now addressed. The availability of whole genetic blue-prints for humans, bacteria, animals and plants means that we can tackle ambitious projects aiming to exploit, cure, diagnose or modify many living organisms. This lecture will review how far we have come, and get beyond the hype to describe the many

Dr. Pat Kiely - UL: Biology of Cancer This talk takes the audience on a journey right through the hallmarks of cancer, the causes, prevention and diagnosis and will describe how some cancer treatments work. Several different types of cancers will be discussed from breast cancer through to prostate cancer and leukaemia will also be discussed.

Dr. Audrey O’ Grady - UL: Ecology Uncovered: What do ecologists do?  Ecology accounts for a large portion of the leaving certificate syllabus and is a dead cert question every year, but do students really know what ecology is all about? This lecture will explore habitat types, methods used in ecology, and will introduce some of the weird and wondering organisms and their relationships in Irish habitats.

Dr. Sean Fair - UL: The Use of Reproductive Biotechnologies in Human and Animal Fertility  This talk will focus on how reproductive biotechnologies are being used in humans to treat infertility while technologies based on similar principles are being applied to farm animals to increase the rate of genetic gain and thus the profitability of farming systems. This talk aims to demonstrate how increasing our understanding of how the reproductive system works can be used to solve problems across a range of disciplines.