Workshop: The Production and Application of Antibodies and their use in Biosensors and Arrays

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Human antibodies
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Dublin City University, Dublin

In conjunction with Dublin City University (DCU), the Biomedical Institute, and the IBIOLI, you are cordially invited to attend a PROSENSE workshop entitled “The production and application of antibodies and their use in biosensors and arrays” hosted at Dublin City University (DCU), 2-3 July 2013. This workshop will run for 2 days, commencing on July 2nd 2013.

About the Workshop:

The workshop has been designed to provide you with a detailed overview of the production and application of polyclonal, monoclonal and recombinant antibodies. A detailed examination of current technologies used for antibody selection, isolation and characterisation and the use of the surface plasmon resonance based system (Biacore) will be included. In addition, we will cover the use of antibodies in the detection of prostate cancer as well as immunosensor based technologies.

There will be a question & answer session which will include case-study discussions outlining potential issues and their solutions. Practical sessions covering aspects of the programme, such as the use of the Biacore system, and antibody screening will also play a big part.


Registration for the full workshop is €100 (student rate €75). This will allow you access to all presentations outlined in the programme, daily catering and attendance at the workshop dinner on day 2.


Further information can be found at the Marie Curie Initial Training Network PROSENSE: