Dual Field Visits: Glasnevin Cemetery & Museum, & National Botanic Gardens - Golden Jubilee Celebrations

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Glasnevin Cemetery
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Glasnevin Cemetery & National Botanic Gardens, Dublin

As part of the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee Year of the IBIOLI, the Institute is organising a number of special events this year. The first of these is a dual event to Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum, and the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, taking place on Saturday May 17th. The Institute invites members, their families and friends, for this double event in Dublin, and gives an opportunity for members to get together in the beautiful surroundings of the National Botanic Gardens. You may opt for one or both of the guided tours.

Please email us at info@ibioli.net letting us know approximately how many of your family & friends will be attending with you and whether you will be attending one or both tours.

Activity 1: Glasnevin Cemetery & Museum @11:30am

If members wish there is a fascinating guided tour of Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum.  The Institute has arranged a tour to begin there at the earlier time of 11:30, meeting in the Cemetery and Museum Reception Area. Unfortunately the Institute cannot sponsor this tour as there is a cost of €12/person (or €7/person for groups of 10 or more. Hopefully there will be enough members & family to avail of the lower price). Please see details of Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum at www.glasnevintrust.ie.

Following the Cemetery & Museum tour, members can move through the linking gates for the guided tour of the National Botanic Gardens.

Activity 2: The National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin @2pm

Willow tree at the National Botanic Gardens

In association with the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin the Institute has organised a Guided tour of the Gardens to begin at 2pm in the Reception Areas of the National Botanic Gardens. If you have not been there before they are well worth a visit and if you have not been there for a while they’re well worth going back to! There is a nominal charge of €2 per person for all non-members of the Institute for the guided-tour. Please remember to take your membership cards with you. For full directions to the Gardens please see the directions on the http://www.botanicgardens.ie/educ/gettingthere.htm website.

Following the guided-tour of the Gardens there will be complimentary tea / coffee and light refreshments at 3.45pm (approximately) in the restaurant area.