Lecture: The Cancer Epidemic; Food, Pharma, and Our Future - 2016 Activity Series

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Lecture Theatre, National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

Dr. Robert O'Connor

The IBIOLI, as as part of the 2016 Activity Series, invites its members, families, friends and the general public to attend this free lecture, given by Dr. Robert O'Connor, Head of Research, Irish Cancer Society, titled "The Cancer Epidemic: Food, Pharma, and Our Future". Ireland, like all countries globally, is seeing an increase in the numbers of cancers.  There is much fear about the cause of these increases with many looking to our diet and environment as explanations.  Dr. O’Connor will explain the cause of the increases in cancer numbers and attempt to dispel many of the emerging myths regarding the origins of our cancer crisis and how it might best be treated.  He will also discuss how new treatments are developed and the challenges these treatments hold for our health system.

About the Presenter: 

Dr. Robert O’Connor is the Head of Research for the Irish Cancer Society, Ireland’s largest cancer charity. The Irish Cancer Society is also the largest charitable funder of cancer research in the state with over 85 funded researchers currently funded across its various schemes.  Dr. O’Connor has 20 years of experience in science and practice of cancer research. He  is passionate about providing the evidence-base to help manage our emerging cancer crisis; focussing on prevention, early detection, increased efficacy of diagnostics and therapeutics and supporting the 170,000 (and growing) Irish cancer survivors to thrive after their treatment.