Lecture: In Search of Sanctuary! - 2016 Activity Series

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Lecture Theatre, National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

The Institute of Biology of Ireland, as part of the 2016 Activity Series, invites its members, families, friends and the general public to attend this free lecture. In this lecture, presenter Brendan Price, Founder and Director of the Irish Seal Sanctuary, asks, is it in the biologist's contract to inform and lead public policy and law towards environmental sustainability? 

Brendan Price will argue the importance of Biology as the "mother ship" of the softer sciences and its role, and that of Biologists, in guiding our relations with the natural world. Biologists have responsibility to engage, inform and lead the public on policy and law in these relations with a view towards ensuring that human society operates within safe, just and sustainable ecological limits.

Examples and stories from the worlds of mega-fauna and citizen science will be used to illustrate wildlife and society's need for biologists to be engaged with issues of environmental concern.

About the Presenter:

Brendan Price

Brendan Price, Founder of the Irish Seal Sanctuary, Marine and Wildlife Advocate was born in 1954, brought up on the Southside of Dublin, attended Catholic University School and University College Dublin, graduating from Agricultural Science, and resides in Garristown, Fingal, Co. Dublin.

Brendan was:

  • The instigator of the Dublin Zoo enquiry
  • Advocate and catalyst for ratification of C.I.T.E.S.
  • Founder member of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and Sanctuary
  • Founder of the Irish Seal Sanctuary and Advocate for National Marine Conservation Centre

These events defined Brendan's career and charged a National debate on wildlife, taking Ireland to the centre stage of wildlife politics and conservation internationally. They further generated research, policy, revenue and jobs in wildlife.

Brendan is an Advocate for Ireland as a "Centre for the Advancement of Wildlife Rehabilitation", partnering communities at home and abroad in efforts to live harmoniously with wildlife and the environment.

For further information on Brendan Price’s career and testimonials, visit him at www.brendanprice.com.